Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mish mesh

Every designer has a signature item or material and while I may be fond of pearls, I think my signature is definitely mesh tubing. Before I started my Etsy store, I was actually looking for a mesh tubing necklace and imaging my surprise when I couldn’t find one on Etsy. I decided to make my own as I have been making jewellery for several years now and after making it, a friend suggested that I should sell it online. It was then my idea for my store was born, as I sensed there was a niche that I could fulfil. Of course, until now, there hasn’t been a sale on Etsy yet and so it is slightly discouraging (am I the only one who likes mesh necklaces?) but after scouring through the forums, I’ve been told that summer months tend to be slower and I’ve had someone buy a mesh necklace from me in person so fingers crossed that my store will take off eventually!


Anonymous said...

There is really nothing like the classic beauty of pearls. I am thinking about adding them to my jewelry too. Best of luck with your new blog. Looks great.

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