Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quirky Infinity

Many of you may not know that I have another shop called Quirky Infinity that sells more kitsch items. It's a much lower price point shop and I definitely treat it as the ugly step sister to Chic Infinity. I spend most of my time drafting designs and hand crafting Chic Infinity but lately I'm finding that I have the greatest time scouring for brass antiqued charms and pendants. It takes some work going through shops and what not to find the perfect pendant but I am absolutely in love with this manicure spa set charm complete with nail polish that I found over the weekend. I'm starting to understand why people want to go vintage shopping and appreciating the hunt for looking for that perfect charm. I always thought there can't be too much work involved in the piece in terms of design and crafting but understanding now that finding that one piece can also take a lot of time.


AuroraRose said...

cute necklace!!

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