Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yes I know...

I've been horrible with the Accessorise Me column lately. I've just been swamped and been on a jewelery making craze so all I do is make jewelry and try listing. I'm aiming to get 100 listings up by mid November so I'm churning away. I made a few sales offline this week though so happy dance!

If you take a look through my Etsy store, you'd undoubtedly notice that I've moved away a bit from the mesh although still keeping the pearl aesthetic. There are some pieces that I am absolutely in love with and I"m hoping that they will find good homes. I've also taken to coming up with names for my pieces. What do you think of the below? Name appropriate?

The Planets Are Aligned

Autumn Melody

Knotty by Nature


TheNikiProject said...

Ooohh! Those are some sweet names! I especially like "The planets are aligned". Awesome name, awesome necklace!

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