Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Craft Fair Checklist

Ok since it seems to be a rather popular post, I'm going to do a full checklist of what to bring at fairs. As I did my fair last week, I realised that I forgot a lot of important items so here's a checklist of what to bring. Please feel free to comment and add on!

Things to bring:
Your goods
Packaging material, (wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes, scissors, tape)
Pliers (if you are making jewellery, you might be asked to shorten or lengthen pieces)
Alcohol wipes (so people can try on your earrings)
Small change
Notebook (to jot down any sales you make or if you want to get contact information from customers)
Lighter (Might only be relevant to me but my mesh pieces need a flame for me to do finishing)
Clip on earrings (Some of you customers might not have pierced ears. Rather than lose a sale, offer to change your designs from piercing to clip ons for free)
Business cards (an absolute must!)
Snack & water (You might not have time to go get food so would be a good idea to have some nibbles)
A friend (there's bound to be down times where you will be bored out of your mind. It'd be nice to have someone keep you company)

Have I left out anything?


TheNikiProject said...

I've never done a fair but it seems like a pretty thorough list. I might add though, not sure if it's even allowed, but maybe a small radio to play some music. It might make it seem less boring for you, and could possibly even add to your desired vibe.

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