Monday, August 17, 2009

Kidney wires

Whenever I go on a supply run, I'm always amazed at the variety of metalwork that is on offer. I finally picked me some kidney wire earrings to play with this weekend and am in love with how much more elegant each of my earrings look. The downside of kidney wire earrings though, is that you have to have very very simple designs and if you know me, that's not really me.
Case in point, this pair of earrings that I love and have made various versions of:

Not very kidney wire friendly is it? But now I'm discovering a whole new simple world and have created a bunch of elegant simple earrings.. only problem is, I lent my camera to a friend who is on vacation and so I can't show you until Sept! That also means no new listings until Sept. What a pity!


Katie (Katie's Basement) said...

I just recently started working with kidney wires too and I LOVE how classy they look. But you're like me, I like more complicated earrings as well so it's been a challenge sticking to the simple look that fits so well on the wires.

So glad you've just discovered their draw as well though!

Can't wait to see some of your work when the camera returns :)
peace and love,

ChicInfinity said...

It's always so nice to hear from readers! I just discovered that my older 'professional' camera was in my closet so I used the liberty to shoot with that. latest post has a pair of kidney wire earrings.. else, you can check out too!

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